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Pasa_007Date: Bazar, 2012-07-22, 3:15 PM | Message # 1
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Dear Azerbaijani people,
I think we should forgive one another and try to move on with our lives. We should work together hard to open a way towards prosperity and frienship. But we should never forget this tradegy that took lives of ten thousands of our great nations, crippled our economies and made most of our good people find a new home abroad, causing deep phsycological wound that would take decades to cure, at the same time overcoming foreign powers' pressure in their destructive way of exploitation of our natural resources and national wealth.
We are obliged, as neighbors, as future potential allies to come to such a decision on Karabakh that would garantee peace and stabiity in the region, and make any future confrontation impossible and unacceptable by both sides, no matter who comes to power in Azerbaijan and Armenaia, and no matter how hard and by whatever means foreign powers would try to destabilize the region playing there own political games. The only solution that we see is to give the de facto now existing Nagorno Karabakh Republic an "independent" status with an agreement with Azerbaijan that would oblige Karabakh to have open border policy with Azerbaijan and the return or new settlement of Azerbaijani citizens in Karabakh upon such request from citizens, providing that they will have all the benefits as the Karabakh born citizens do. Karabakh should be obligated to report to a special official representative from the Azerbaijani government, who would have his headquater or embassy in Karabakh, and would help Azerbaijani born citizens with there problems or complaints to Karabakh authorities. He would make sure that rights of Azerbaijani citizens are protected, including the rights to religion, freedom and pursuit of happiness. If any major problems occur, He is sopposed to notify the Azerbaijani government and take the matter to higher levels of authority between Karabakh and Azerbaijan. Armenia, after Karabakh is recognized as an independent state by Azerbaijan, immediatly should recognize the independence of Karabakh and the special agreement between Karabakh and Azerbaijan. Armenia should make sure that all its armed forces are out of Azerbaijani territory, and provide the safe resettlement of Azeri people in the region.
Amenia is obligated to respect Nagorno Karabakh's soveregnty and not try to press the government of Nagorno Karabakh to favor new laws or make ammendments to the Constitution that would restrict human rights or discriminate nationals of other countries or ethnic minorities. The conditions for immigration of foregn nationals, including Azerbaijani citizens should not be restricted or the benefits cut at any time, except for when there is a serous threat to the National Security, such as an attempted coup or illigal overthrow of the government. Even at times of a Marshal Law when the situation is under the controll by the democratically elected authorities, all the immigration benefits should be restored immediatly.
Azerbaijan should be obligated to povide an open border for Armenian Citizens through its territory, (especially through Lachin Corridor) to enter Nagorno Karabakh Repulic and vice verse. Azerbaijan has to provide a safe open border for Nagorno Karabakh and freedom for their citizens to travel through Azerbaijan.
Karabakh like Armenia should also have a permanent official representative in Azerbaijan in a form of a embassy. Azerbaijan should open the blocade of Armenia and Karabakh on permanent bases. Likewise Armenia should open the blocade of Nakhichevan. Armenia and Azerbaijan should not concentrate large amount of troops near Karabakh or provide Karabakh government or Karabakh citizens any military assistance. Noagorno Karabakh Republic should have its own defence and national security ministry independent from any foregn influence. The open border policy between Armenia and Azerbaijan should be negotiated in more detail.
We hope that the people of Armenia, Nagorno Karabakh and Azerbaijan will take this plan into considiration and resolve this conflict peacefully.

Sergey Arakchyan
Forum » Azərbaycan. » Bura Azərbaycandır! » ERMENI VETENDASININ AZERBAYCANA YAZDIGI MEKTUB....
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